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Many people have heard of Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency. Instead of a central server, like the one used by your bank or credit card company, it keeps track of everybody’s balance using blockchain technology. Bitcoin users share a copy of the account ledger, and when transactions sending funds are issued and confirmed, all copies are updated together. This prevents dispute without the need for a paid middleman.

This has already revolutionized the world of finance, but it’s quickly spreading to other industries, as well. By attaching non-currency data to transactions, Bitcoin and advanced new cryptocurrencies allow us to record all kinds of information on the blockchain. Ethereum, for example, allows the storage and execution of complex legal contracts, while Bitland records property ownership and BitNation enables personal IDs.

The video game industry is next in line. By integrating video games with cryptocurrency, we can facilitate in-game payment in a manner that is quicker, cheaper, easier, and safer than ever before. We can also put in-game assets on the blockchain to give a greater feeling of ownership to the player, and even place entire self-regulated worlds on the blockchain with no central server required.

This is already taking place, with many startups launching crowdsales to fund such projects. Some are already in alpha or beta stage. Existing video game developers are rapidly converting to blockchain technology, as well, especially with in-game payments and assets.

This website serves as an information hub for blockchain-based video games, promoting blockchain technology to the video game industry and vice versa. All the latest relevant news can be found on our News page, spanning articles from cryptocurrency, video game, and mainstream news outlets alike. We also feature informative videos and soundclips of discussions and gameplay as they come out.

To keep the public critically informed of the various emerging games at this new intersection of innovation, we’ll also showcase previews and reviews. Due to the novelty of this video game genre, previews will be the focus, at first, with more reviews and titles being added as the use of blockchain technology in gaming expands.

Games/coins featured so far include GamerholicCoin, the Munne Project, Moonga, Spells of Genesis and Huntercoin. If there is a game you want to be featured, reach out to and let us know why we should cover it. We also welcome people who want to join the team.