in-game transactions

Game assets

secured on the blockchain


decentralized worlds


Why blockchain gaming? Advantages include:

  • Faster and cheaper payments, both in-game and out

  • No chargebacks for game developers

  • Game assets on the blockchain give true ownership and added security

  • Reduced reliance on servers

  • Allows MMO worlds with no central authority

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In case you’re not familiar, the blockchain is the technology that makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies possible by storing information in a mutually-shared ledger. Companies in every industry are adopting this form of payment, especially high-tech industries like video gaming, where big names like Steam already accept bitcoins as payment.

This has many advantages over traditional payment methods, so blockchain gaming companies like GameCredits have been working on specialized solutions with dedicated APIs for game developers. A couple games—some with millions of players—have already taken advantage of it.

The blockchain can store other types of information, however, so the blockchain gaming industry continues to evolve. Instead of simply tracking everyone’s funds, games like Spells of Genesis and Beyond the Void place in-game assets like trading cards—a type of smart property—on the blockchain, as well. They are typically funded by “ICOs,” wherein the blockchain-based tokens needed to play are sold before the game’s release.

It’s even possible to build entire virtual worlds this way, such as Huntercoin, the first and only decentralized autonomous massive multiplayer online game. Unlike traditional MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, these cannot be controlled by a central authority such as Blizzard, and don’t need a central server, at all.